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Retail Premises/Restaurants/Takeaways

  • Ensure that all products derived from meat and poultry are from an approved supply chain of Traditional Halal.
  • Meat products shall be labelled with the Traditional Halal registered logo unless agreed otherwise.
  • Stamp/stickers for meat and poultry cartons/boxes.
  • Traditional Halal logo for restaurant publications such as menu, leaflet, and display sign/banners etc.
  • Premises shall be subject to regular unannounced inspections, provided the premises are fully compliant with both Traditional Halal and food safety requirements. If any non-conformance is found, the frequency of audits/inspections will increase depending on the nature of the non-conformance.
  • All purchase invoices and delivery notes must be made available for the inspectors during visits as part of the verification and validation process.
  • All premises are required to display the Traditional Halal decal at all times whilst under the Traditional Halal certification scheme.

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