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Meat Processing Facilities

  • The processing site must be approved to carry out the processing of the products in the scope of Traditional Halal certification by the competent authority in the respective country of operation.
  • The production facility must be free from pork, porcine derivatives, and any other prohibited (haram) species.
  • All raw materials including meat and ingredients must be pre-approved by the Traditional Halal.
  • Production operatives must be given Traditional Halal food awareness training in addition to basic food safety training.
  • The entire halal production must be supervised by Traditional Halal trained supervisors.
  • Halal Standard Operating Procedure (HSOP) must be established and implemented at the facility.
  • All production records and details shall be constantly logged and documented by the Traditional Halal’s onsite supervisor.
  • All meat intake shall be vouched and verified for traceability and must have originated from stun free environment.

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