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Certification Requirements

Traditional Halal Certification Requirements

All existing and potential abattoirs, portioning plants, food processors, restaurants, and meat retailers requiring Traditional Halal certification must satisfy the following requirements. Prospective applicants must first complete an online application at www.traditionalhalal.com. In addition, all new applicants must also agree to and accept the Traditional Halal certification proposal in writing.

Post-certification Services

Provided that all outlets/eateries are compliant, the premises will be qualified to take advantage of the following additional benefits:

  • Free advice on halal matters
  • Free onsite consultation with an Traditional Halal representative
  • Free food safety improvement advice
  • Furthermore, you can request to have ingredients of any specific food product reviewed and scrutinized to ensure that it is halal compliant by completing the product approval form for a small administrative fee. For details about the applicable fee, please contact the Traditional Halal certification team