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About Us

Who Are We?

Traditional Halal is a non-for-profit organisation owned and governed by its parent charity, Halal Food Foundation Ltd (UK charity number 1139457). Traditional Halal is led by a group of Islamic scholars, a Board of Trustees (who are volunteers), and a team of professional industry experts having significant experience and proven track record in training and relevant qualifications.

What We Do?

Traditional Halal is a halal meat certification body that will be solely accepting and certifying meat and poultry produced, in line with the Islamic requirements and slaughtered in stun free environment.  All meat and poultry slaughtered, produced and packed will be done under strict supervision by our fully trained and competent inspectors and supervisors. Our symbol will be depicted after all the checks have been satisfactorily completed ensuring that the products you will buy shall have full traceability, authenticity, and assurance.

Our Objectives

Our aim is to ensure compliance of rules and procedures in Traditional Halal abattoirs, as well as cultivating a spirit of continuous improvement in the stun free meat sector. We believe this can be achieved by implementing the following:

  • Trained and industry competent supervisors on site
  • Better animal welfare practices
  • Providing education and information to the industry and community
  • To introduce more transparency through labelling

Our Shariah Board

Mufti Abdul Kadir Barkatulla (Chair)

Mufti is a prominent Islamic Sharia law expert with background in social, Muslim Community work, economics and finance. He was trained extensively in Islamic and modern education systems in India and the UK.
Mufti has contributed to British Muslim community as an Imam, Lecturer, Shariah Judge, Developer of Islamic Law information databases, anchor of community televisions, media commentator, Shariah advisor of Islamic banks and funds in Europe and Asia. Other membership includes that of Shariah supervisory panels and Halal accreditation board.

Sardar Ahmad Qadri

Sardar Qadri was borne in 1957 in a historical town called Jalal Pur Pirwalah, district Multan (Pakistan). Initially Sardar Qadri studied at his home town, where he memorised The Holy Quran with Tajweed and obtained basic knowledge of Arabic and Persian literature and languages.
At the age of 12, Sardar Qadri went to Saudi Arabia to learn Arabic and Tajweed. After returning from Saudi Arabia in 1971, he was sent to Madrasah Anwar ul Oloom (Multan) to study Islamic Fiqh and Arabic literature. He also studied in a Madrasah Owaisia (Bahawalpur) where he obtained degree in interpretation of Holy Quran.
Sardar Qadri’s education in Law was initiated from the University of Punjab, Pakistan (LLB) and then he obtained Masters Degree in Law by submitting a Thesis on Inter-institutional conflict with EEC, from Vrij University Brussels (LLM) (Belgium). He served as Chief Imam, Khatib, in England, Belgium, and Norway and is a recognised expert in Islamic Shariah Law.
Sardar Qadri is currently a full time Muslim Chaplain with HM prison service and is also a columnist in Daily Jang London.

Shaykh Abu Sayed Ansarey

Abu Sayed Ansarey is a television presenter on Channel S (UK based) and is known for presenting Islamic and charity shows. His LIVE TV show-Islam Essentials and Hidayah are hugely popular question and answer programmes throughout the world. He has started his media career as a NEWS READER on a radio; he was the enlisted radio-actor. In addition to his contribution to media, Ansarey also works as the IMAAM and the trustee of West London Muslim Centre and is a teacher of Arabic. He also leads prayer in BBC Centre Mosque. He is also a member of the Ulamaa Board of Halal Food Authority (HFA).
He graduated in different subjects, English Literature, Islamic Studies and Law. He then completed post graduation degree in Da’wah from Makkah Al Mukarramah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Dr Abul Kalam Azad

Dr Abul Kalam Azad is a prominent Traditional Islamic Education expert with a background in Education and Social. He has been trained with the Bangladeshi Madrasah Board along with top scholars. He has completed his MA at International Islamic University of Malaysia in teaching Arabic and obtained a PhD in education from the University of Portsmouth and a PGCE from Goldsmith University of London. Dr Abul Kalam Azad has also been involved as a Team Leader examiner with Edexcel and Cambridge and has also been involved with the British Council on course development project for Afghanistan. He was the founding director of Sixth Form at Jamiatul Ummah School up until 2014. Currently he is the Secretary of the London Moon -Sighting Committee as well as being the Editor for Zaitun Online Magazine.

Our Trustees

Dr Abdul Matin Khan (Chair)

Having acquired the highest professional qualifications in Finance, Accounting and Administration in the UK as Chartered Management Accountant and Chartered Company Secretary and Administrator, Dr Khan has worked at senior management positions in Asia, Africa and Europe. Dr Khan also formed education and training institutions in the UK and have been Principal and Director of four colleges specialising in Higher Education for over 15 years. Dr Khan has been involved with the HFA since its inception as one of the founding members of the Board of Trustees and currently working very closely with the Chief Executive in the decision making process of HFA.

Dr Ghayasuddin Siddiqui

Dr Ghayasuddin Siddiqui, a PhD in Chemistry is a well-known activist, campaigner, writer and expert on Muslim political thought. Dr Siddiqui has promoted dialogue and engagement across all barriers: religious, social, cultural and political; and was the founding chairman of the Halal Food Authority.

Mr Ahmed Latif

Mr Ahmed Latif is presently CEO of A & M International Limited, which is a metal trading company and part of AMIDT Group of Dubai. Mr Latif Graduated in Commerce in 1963 from Karachi University and secured First Class First Position and was also awarded Gold Medal for his academic achievements. Mr Latif is also a member of Lions Club and spends great deal of his time in charitable work.

Mr Ehsan Choudhry

Ehsan Choudhry is a graduate in Urdu, a General Secretary of Pakistan Welfare Association Hounslow, a research scholar and a world famous poet and author of seven books. Topping all of that with a heart of gold, Ehsan is also a pioneer volunteer of HFA since 1995 , the owner of an established business and a responsible journalist in the UK.

Our Team

Saqib Mohammed (CEO)

Saqib has been working with the Halal Food Authority (HFA) since 2006 and having served managerial positions within the HFA over the years, in 2013, he took over the role of a Chief Executive of the HFA leading the vision of the organisation since then. Saqib holds an MBA in Finance from the University of North West (London Campus). In additions to other food industry qualifications and training, Saqib also completed training on Animal Welfare at the University of Bristol, UK and a Leadership and Management training from the City University London. Financial and strategic management, corporate negotiations and regulatory affairs are the key portfolios that Saqib routinely oversee and manage at the HFA.

Saqib has been an active participant in halal related forums and has delivered talks and training at several national and international avenues on halal matters.

Tanveer Parkar (Operations Manager)

Tanveer has been in the food industry for number of years and has become a key member of the Halal food Authority since joining the organisaiton two years ago.  Along with his experience in quality assurance in a processing/manufacturing environment, Tanveer has been trained in ISO22000 FSMS as Lead Auditor, is also an accredited Animal Welfare Officer and currently holds a Certificate of Competence (CoC) in slaughtering from the FSA. Furthermore, Tanveer has undertaken several industry related courses which have facilitated the organisation. Winning an award of ‘overall best performance’ at the HFA recently has added and acknowledged his acumen and capabilities. Tanveer leads the team of HFA and Traditional Halal supervisors and plays a paramount role of enhancing halal compliance in the food industry.

Hassan Gul (Certification Manager)

Hassan graduated from Queen Mary University of London in Biochemistry Bsc (Hons) with Microbiology in the year 2010. He started his career with the HFA later that year as a Technical Auditor & Food Technologist. Along with gaining the relevant food industry related qualifications and on-the-job training, he successfully completed international halal auditor’s training with MUI (Indonesia) and JAKIM (Malaysia). In late 2014 he was handed the responsibility to manage the audit team as an Audit Manager. Having successfully met the expectations, Hassan has now taken up the key role of an Operations Manager. Hassan is also actively involved in complex auditing, food technology, training and development activities of the HFA and represent HFA at international forums and events.

Amir Masoom (Technical Auditor)

Amir Masoom has been working in the meat industry since he qualified as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from the university of Agriculture, Faisalabad, Pakistan in 1997. He also obtained Master’s degree in Animal Surgery from the same university in 2000. Amir is experienced in diagnosis and treating the poultry as a Veterinary Doctor and has also worked in quality assurance department of K&N who are one of the mainstream broiler processor in Pakistan.

Amir further completed his MSc in Food Safety and Control from South Bank University, London in 2013. Since then he has been working with the Halal Food Authority as a Technical Auditor and Food Inspector. Amir is a trained BRC 3rd Party Auditor while possessing HACCP qualification from Royal Society of Public Health and pursues his professional career with Traditional Halal and the HFA.

Amer Rashid (Technical Auditor)

Amer is a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from University of Agriculture (Pakistan), having Master’s degree in Meat Science & Technology. Amer has also completed training as a Poultry and Animal Welfare Officer from University of Bristol. Amer has also achieved competence in Project Management-APMG (Prince 2-Foudation), ABPI (Association of British Pharmaceutical Industry) and he has also completed several Wellards Pharmaceutical accredited courses. Amer is a dedicated and highly competent professional who has been very successful in both his academic studies and working career which spans 16 year experience in Animal Production, Poultry, Meat, Pharmaceutical and Halal Food Industry in Technical and Business Development roles here in the UK and Abroad.